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About EHSI

Emergency Helicopter Service International

Photography by Vidar Nordli Mathisen

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Corporate Social Responsibility

From its inception EHSI has been aligned with the UN’s sustainability goals. EHSI's main role is to safeguard life and promote safe and trustworthy healthcare for everyone across the globe. EHSI has established its ESG policy and is committed especially with the following UN’s Sustainability Goals:

1. No Poverty
ESHI will bring jobs and training to the population in the world and will engage closely with schools and organizations to provide opportunities for the people.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
This is EHSI’s core business. The air ambulance service, hospital emergency care units and the operation all have one common goal: save lives and improve health.

4. Quality Education
EHSI has its own pilot training school (ATPLH + EMS) which is mirrored after the school in Torp Norway. We provide quality education for local pilots to EASA/FAA standards.

5. Gender Equality
EHSI is an equal opportunity employer and training institution. 

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
ESHI will provide stable work for its employees. Our 5-year flight training is a comprehensive program where candidates get paid for flight hrs. and ample training. EHSI will provide jobs and secure economic growth locally and globally.

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Providing service based on high Norwegian safety, quality and business standards will inspire local industries to develop. Air ambulance give access to people in rural areas despite challenging infrastructure.

10. Reduce Inequalities
Leaving ground and giving access to premium airborne emergency service for people in rural areas and those without license (often females), EHSI meets the goal for reducing inequalities.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
By contributing to countries rapidly evolving healthcare systems, the EHSI service is a building block for building effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions which is a key to stable societal structures.


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